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Christmas Flowers

Posted by Barbara Mcdonald on

With Christmas just around the corner we are already hard at work preparing designs and styles for our Christmas themed category. As always we will deliver anywhere in the UK on all of our flowers.

we will be using beautiful winter flowers such as pansies, primroses, candytuft, cyclamen, hellebores and stock. Shrubs that bloom in winter are camellias, winter jasmine, daphne, cassia, wintersweet, manzanita and witch hazel

Some varieties of mahonias also flower during the winter months, as do some varieties of viburnum. Although Kafir lilies bloom primarily in the fall, it is not unusual for them to put on a floral display in winter gardens. Japanese pieris is a favorite of many gardeners because of its fragrant white flowers that appear in late winter. Flowering quince begins to flower in late winter on bare stems. Most of the time, the flowers are pink, but white and red cultivars are available. Homeowners with curious children should be careful with this one because it features sharp spines.

Winter blooming plants vary according to regional conditions. Those who live in areas with very cold winters may not be able to enjoy winter blooming plants, while residents of regions with mild climates have a large variety of winter blooming annuals, perennials, shrubs and even trees to choose from. Almost all flowering annuals perform well in places that don't get freezing temperatures in the winter.

Those who are interested in adding some winter color to their outdoor living space should visit a good retail plant nursery in their area for some information on winter bloomers that grow locally.

Expect to here from us soon about an exciting announcement for Valentines day 2016

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